No matter what the cause is, gifts are always one of the best ways to show your affection for someone and show that special someone that you still care. There are literally thousands of things you can purchase for your special someone, and depending on the occasion, gifts are classified into several categories. However, there are those gifts which can be purchased almost at every occasion. Here is a list of top 10 personalized gifts which you can buy at any time, for everyone.

Pillow cases

Nothing says “just married” like a Mr. and Mrs. wedding pillow case. These are also a great gift for those in need of some refreshment in their relationship. You can get it for your parents, or your friend, the effect will still be the same. Personalized pillow cases are just adorable.

Personalized name necklace

Gold and silver have never been out of fashion. But, taking a necklace and printing a name on it is taking it to a next level. I cannot imagine a single person that would not be thrilled by a personalized name necklace made especially for them. Nothing spells your name like a 14 karat gold necklace.

Picture frame

If you want to seize a special moment of a person’s life, why not frame the picture in a personalized frame? You can have the writings of your choosing, a memo or a quote, anything to remind that person of that moment every time she looks at the picture. Frames are relatively cheap, and most of them can be personalized.

Shopping bags

If your other half loves spending time shopping, you might want to get her a few printed non woven bags. These are completely affordable and come in many different shapes and colors, and the best thing is that you can write anything you want on them. Be creative, and see that she wears it with pride.

Playing instrument

If that special someone is into music, you might want to gift him his favorite instrument with his name or initials printed or carved on it. This will definitely rock that person’s world, and will make him/her feel special and one of a kind, all thank to your creativity.

Baby blanket

The cutest things in the world are those tiny little baby presents, which never seem to stop amazing us. To stand off in the crowd, get her a personalized baby blanket. You can print the date of the baby’s birth on it, or the baby’s name. Whichever you go for, the parent will love it and the baby will adore it, especially when she grows up a little, she will keep it close to her heart.

Personalized pacifier

Another great gift for a baby is a pacifier, but not just any pacifier. We are talking about a personal one, carrying the baby’s name or initials. It is also something she will grow fond of, and grow to like it even more as she herself grows up.

Pocket knife

These pocket-tools never went out of fashion, which is why they present a great gift for men. Engraving one with the person’s initials or full name could make this gift even more special, and the person wearing it.

Engraved beer mug

If there is one thing that will make him feel like the Alfa of the pack, it is the engraved beer mug. While everyone else drinks from a regular mug, he will drink from an engraved one, carrying his name. For men, it is like placing them high on the pedestal.

Whiskey barrel

If he is into whiskey, great thing to get him would be a personalized one liter oak whiskey barrel. It can be carried around on every trip, and when pouring whiskey to someone, he will brag about it being his best batch, coming from a special barrel with his initials on it.

These are 10 personalized gifts for all types of occasions, which are suitable for both men and women, and even babies. There are plenty more, yet these 10 have always finished the job.