An interesting problem has emerged alongside the development of content delivery networks (CDNs): popular content providers and aggregators gobble up available caches at the expense of enterprise customers. Two companies, Aryaka and MediaPlatform, are addressing this problem head-on with their “CDN for the Enterprise”

According to Aryaka, “Enterprise IT managers and those supporting business-critical public facing websites are burdened with the challenge of providing fast loading web pages to globally distributed partners, customers and public users.” Its CDN for the Enterprise solves this problem by giving the customers dedicated cache quotas and a private core network for content deliver.

Because Aryaka’s CDN is purpose-built for enterprise organizations, its customers do not have to compete with popular aggregators, social media sites, eCommerce sites, and broadcasters with large bandwidth and delivery requirements.

Aryaka’s purpose-built CDN is the first of its kind. This content delivery network for the enterprise is built upon a reliable, dedicated private core network based on globally distributed points of presence whereby each user is seamlessly connected to the nearest Aryaka point of presence (POP) for the ultimate in performance. Aryaka’s CDN improves performance through the use of compression, TCP optimization, and persistent session technologies.

Another company, MediaPlatform, offers an eCDN built specifically for Enterprise video content. MediaPlatform is an enterprise video platform that enables both on demand streaming and live webcasting for enterprise organizations. MediaPlatform’s new “SmartEdge” product is built for enterprise organizations with a specific focus on accelerating and optimizing the delivery of HTTPS video across corporate networks.

One of the challenges associated with optimizing the delivery of video using generic HTTP involves the implementation cost. It’s simply too expensive for most organizations.

MediaPlatform SmartEdge is a cost-effective solution that allows organizations to overcome the bandwidth limitation hurdle.

Traditionally, enterprise content has had to compete for bandwidth and cache capacity with the more popular social media or live streaming content providers. As a result, the enterprise content is evicted from the cache in favor of the popular content and end up getting a much lower cache-hit ratio. They do not what they pay for and suffer from poor user experience. Both companies are addressing specific content delivery problems affecting enterprise organizations with purpose-built CDNs.


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