“I am sick and tired of how much money I spend on my mortgage”

“If I didn’t have a mortgage payment my life would be amazing”

“If only there was a way to pay my mortgage off more quickly”

“I can’t invest in real estate until I pay off my personal residence”

A residential home mortgage is one of the largest expenses a consumer will ever take on in their lives and sadly one of the least understood. That monthly payment eats a very large part of most people’s monthly budget. Imagine the options that would open up to you if that payment disappeared. Would it be worth the effort to get rid of it, absolutely? Does it happen magically overnight? Probably not. But can you use strategies to accelerate that big event? Absolutely.

GVC Property Solutions take over mortgage payments foreclosure for those who are having mortgage problems and require solutions.

Each mortgage application is different and we will help you figure out the numbers so you can stay focused on shopping for properties within your approved price range. We will help you know exactly how much you can comfortably afford along with the assurance of a locked in rate all at no cost to you!

If you’re looking to pay off your existing mortgage early, GVC Property Solutions have a number of options for you like:

Pay off your mortgage early

When selling your current home, you may choose to pay off your mortgage entirely. Paying off your mortgage early can be a smart decision if you have a “fully open” mortgage with no prepayment charges.

Take your mortgage with you

GVC Property Solutions offer eligible existing home owners the flexibility to port your mortgage when you move from one home to the next. This can help you save money if your existing rate is lower than current rates.

Allow a buyer to assume your mortgage

We can offer your mortgage to a prospective buyer of your existing home.

Rent out your home as investment property

Acquiring a rental portfolio of one or more properties to build income and equity, converting your existing home to rental property to generate regular rental income, or keeping the property for your child to live in could be a good choice.

Hence to remove the burden of your mortgage situations, Contact GVC Property Solutions, to clarify your questions 604-812-3718.