We all use carrier bags for handling our day to day requirements may it be for shopping or packaging the needful. These carrier bags are cheap and can be easily found in plastic, paper or jute material.

However, whatever may be the material of carrier bags; it takes the time to degrade. Among which plastic takes the longest time of 20 to 1000 years to degrade. Also, if buried it takes acres of landfill that in turn causes land pollution and threats to the life of animals.

Plastic carrier bags use around 4% of world oil and gas in their feedstock and around 3-4% of the subsequent in the manufacturing.

Thus, in order to get optimum utilisation of natural resources and to minimise pollution, recycling of carrier bags is proposed.

Tips To Recycle Carrier Bags At Home

– Bags for life:

Supermarkets have launched a scheme of “Bag for life” where plastic carrier bag is available at a price ranging from 5p to 10p per piece. This, in turn, used at least 10 times. When it gets shattered off, they are replaced by the supermarkets to recycle and new bags are given free of cost.

This scheme works best when cheap carrier bags are bought in bulk. So, that it avoids frequent needs of changing and also recycling can be done together of the entire lot. Extra care is to be taken when it comes to dumping in the supermarket bin.

One should remember to dump only “bag for life” in the bin kept for the purpose and not other garbages including a container or plastic waste as it may cause contamination.

– Craft with bag:

Craft goes beyond imagination. Thus if you are willing to or have a zeal to create something new, you can recycle your carrier bags at home to make some useful craft. Plastic carrier bags that are used once or many times and can’t be done further.

They can be cleaned, glued and folded tightly to make a craft box that can hold stationeries, kitchen holdings or other accessories. Thus, you can recycle or reuse the carrier bags at home and espouse its best possible utilisation.

– Bag your bin:

To use your carrier bags as a bin liner is another superb way to recycle your waste bags. If you have waste carrier bags that can’t be used further, you can use them as a bin liner for your bins.

Also, you can give it to small retailers who have frequent need for bin liners. Thereby you are both helping them in not buying unnecessary items and also minimising the environmental effluence indirectly.

Not to forget but even a small step towards safeguarding the environment and its balance can give an astonishing result in the times to come. So, think and use the resources rather than misusing them. You can buy carrier bags in UK to avoid non-biodegradable items like plastic and endorsing the use of recyclable things. After all, it is not only us but our next genre that is going to be the ultimate sufferers in the future.