The kitchen is not only a place where good and healthy food is cooked, it is also a place where memories are made. It is a place where sometimes people gather to share their favorite recipes and stories behind it. So designing it with smart and perspective designs and attractive aesthetics is equally important.

In today’s’ era every homeowner wants a casual and creative kitchen design with all the facilities installed. They want their modular kitchen to be furnished with all the latest equipment and designed by best Indian kitchen interior designers. They want open counter tops, inviting colors, contemporary style kitchen cupboards with spacious shelves etc. So, have a look at various tips to follow and some mistakes to avoid to have a modern kitchen with all the functionalities and features.

  1. Invest in Multi-Use Table: A well-crafted, durable and sturdy wooden table provides more than just a place to eat. It acts as a decor accent in the small kitchen design. A table with wheels or castors can also be used as a kitchen trolley to display spices and other ingredients. So, invest in smart ideas and have a splendid kitchen decor.
  2. Go big: What makes the kitchen, a most memorable place is what happens in it. So, we should get it designed it in such a way that we can not only sit down and eat together but can also cook together. Start by installing big counter tops that can hold all the necessary equipment. Build a bar which can stock everything required for mixing and fixing drinks, an ice machine and much more. You can also browse modular kitchen photos available on sites for a better suggestion and design.
  3. Consider the dimmer: Take a tip from modular kitchen companies in Chennai and Bangalore, who designed kitchen spaces to install dimmer in the space. It will work wonders for you. You can turn it up all the way for daytime work and preparation, and turn it down low for a dim, sexily-lit dinner party.
  4. Make room for enough storage: Many people believe that it is a great idea to showcase all the items in open shelves. But sometimes it does not work. So take help from modular kitchen designers and make room for enough storage space to hide 90’s food processor, ovens, utensils and other kitchen accessories.

Don’t do this:

  1. Do not cut the corners: Do not leave the corners of your stylish kitchen unfurnished. There are customization options, corner shelves and cupboards are available. So, avail these facilities and get a fully furnished modern kitchen in the most trending and fashionable way.
  2. Don’t go for white in flooring: It’s good to go for bright and bold white colors in walls and cabinets but it doesn’t work well for flooring. Instead, go for wooden floors with dark finishes to have a creative decor. But keep in mind that they are not easy to maintain.
  3. Don’t hold back on a small budget: A durable paint can transform an Indian style kitchen design into the more modern design by adding color to a backsplash or accent wall. A beautiful silver handle cabinet with glass door make a great style statement. They are the little things that warm a space most, not the appliances or the layout or the material of the countertops. So always go for the things that enhance the decor of the kitchen, not the ones that are available in low cost and affects the style in the worst way.

The modular kitchen designs are the extended version of the old Indian style kitchens. They speak about the style of homeowners. They not only make the cooking process an enjoyable one but also provide a place where memories and happiness can be shared. They raise the glam quotient of the home. Modular kitchen designs with the latest technology cabinets, appliances and lighting add a decor accent in the house and provide space to store stuff.