Who remembers the old saying “blondes have more fun”? As that word meme picked up in popularity it was perverted into blondes acting like they had no brains or goofy to get attention. That is no longer the situation as now it is the educated single has more fun. You may be wondering how you can date a smart person. It is not as hard as television and movies make it out to be.

Smart singles are often found in different places other than other singles. They are not likely to frequent bars. Nor clubs. They are probably not going to be found at sporting events other than the occasional excursion. You can probably skip parties at a friend’s houses too.

Where to find educated singles?

To find educated singles you are going to have to visit dating sites for professionals. These singles are usually set in their lives. Their careers are on track giving longevity to their professional lives and personally, they are doing well with their home and other necessities. They are usually lacking in the romance department for various reasons.

Tips to be attractive to professional singles

Attracting a smart single is portrayed as a tough thing on television and in movies. This is more for comedic effect than mimicking real life. In life educated singles are just that, educated. They are often hard to find because they are not in the usual places. They are also not looking for the typical person to date which complicates breaking the ice.

First, to attract an educated professional single you will need to be what they are looking for. What is that exactly?

For one, educated professional singles are looking for similar traits in their romantic interests. If you are not educated and professional looking, you need to work on it before wasting their time. There are other things that could turn the heads of a well-educated professional single.

For one, physical appearance could turn a head or two. The trick is, don’t act childish, joke around, and don’t be a stereotypical geek or nerd. Those are often turn offs and television and movies have lied to you – those things are not likely to bring romance your way after a fun romp around town wreaking havoc. No, you need to be professional and interesting but still fun and unique.

Take the time to learn more about higher education topics. We are not saying get a doctorate in biology but it would probably behoove you to know what the epidermis is. Just in case.


Professional educated singles are just like the rest of us. They have needs, wants, and are willing to go after what attracts them. For some it may be a physical attraction, for others it may be a mental connection that is hard to put into words. Pay attention to their profiles on the dating sites. This is where you will find out if you are wasting your time or not before you even contact them.

You don’t have to own a business or have three degrees to turn the head of an educated professional single. You just must be what they are looking for.  To read more online dating advice, please visit: onlineseniordatingsites.com.