There is no secret that the safety of our house and family members depends only on how you care about it. You should take care of the exits, floor plans, and undoubtedly the most important thing – fire extinguishers. Most people do not care about choosing and getting one for their home, and sometimes such cases become a great problem when some emergency happens. This is why we consulted several fire extinguisher experts to help you understand the issue of these tools and choose the best one for your home safety. Here is a simple explanation of the different types of fire extinguishers available on the market today.

NOTE: even if you already have fire alarms and extinguishers at home, it is highly advised to find fire suppression system testing services nearby to ensure that your system works perfectly and properly.

1. Determine whether you will actually use the fire extinguisher. Think first and then answer the question where exactly you want to put it: garage, kitchen, every room of the house or just some undecided general location in the house. By determining the place of storage you will be able to make a decision about the type and size of the fire extinguisher that you need to buy.

2. After the location comes the type of the extinguisher. Now you already know where to put it so can decide what exact type of a fire extinguisher you need to buy. According to the most popular classification there are five main types of fire extinguishers.

A – Ordinary combustibles that are mostly used for paper, wood and cloth.

B – This type is used for flammable liquids and various gases like gasoline.

C – This one if against electrical fires that actually includes any energized electrical objects.

D – Inflammable metals, for example magnesium.

K – This one is the most popular for kitchen use against various oils and greases.

As a rule, household fire extinguishers have multiple classifications, and the most common is ABC. It means that this fire extinguisher can be used against the reasons A, B, and C described above, but at the same time you should be ready to the fact that they might be not so effective if compared to the use of three separate fire extinguishers for each kind of hazard. Another important thing about the labels on these tools is the numbers. The general rule you need to remember is the higher – the better.

3. Choose the right size of the fire extinguisher. As you know here we have the same rule – the bigger the better, because bigger size means that an extinguisher can contain more substance to fight the fire. But at the same time be aware that a huge fire extinguisher is also not the best option, because it may appear to be too heavy to maneuver. This is why experts advise to use the middle sized extinguishers for the house use in order to be proper for every family member.

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