Africa gets a bad rep as a scary place to go on vacations. While that may be true for some parts of this giant continent, not everywhere in Africa is crippled by war and famine. Tourism is a thriving industry in the stable parts of the continent, and the money you spend actually helps local economies grow and thrive. Africa is still one of the best places to enjoy amazing wildlife and incredible landscapes. Here are several travel tips of you want to go on a vacation in Africa:

Image source: Pexels

You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune Getting Vaccinated

Much about travelling Africa counts on shedding misconceptions about Africa. You don’t need to get dozens of vaccinations to travel the continent. If you visit the Centres for Disease Control website, you will see a long list of vaccinations recommended. Don’t let this scare you. Most of these vaccinations are already covered by your childhood shots. Get the vaccines you may need to enter the individual countries you are visiting. You may need to get a vaccination against malaria and take necessary precautions after you land. If you haven’t had them before, take rabies and typhoid shots as well. Yellow fever vaccinations are required to enter some countries like South Africa.

You Can Go on Family Vacations

Yes, it is perfectly fine to take your kids to Africa. In fact, family safari holidays are one of the most popular types of vacations to Africa. Keep in mind that while some places are kid-friendly, others may not have the facilities necessary to keep your kids happy and calm. Also, your kids may get bored hiking a volcano. On the other hand, they will absolutely love going on safaris at places like Kenya and South Africa.

Definitely Bargain at Local Marketplaces

Shopping at local marketplaces is a big attraction in many African countries. You can get clothes or jewellery made on the spot for surprisingly cheap prices. When you are at a local marketplace, do not hesitate to bargain for goods. You can talk down the price with a seller. There’s this one trick where you talk with one vendor for a good, turn them down, and then find another vendor nearby for the same item and haggle hard to get close to a 25% price cut. Do be careful not to haggle too hard and end up in a confrontation with the locals.

Pack Warm Clothes to Tour Cold Regions

You read that right. Africa is not completely hot. There are places that are cold and even get snow. For example, the famous Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania has glaciers on top. When you spend time in the desert, the nights can get quite cold where temperatures can go below the freezing point. You can go skiing in the Maloti Mountains, Lesotho, and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. So, if you are planning on visiting colder places, it’s best to pack a few warm clothes.

When visiting Africa, plan your itinerary wisely. Do not cram too many countries. It’s best to visit just one country at once, or two if travelling between is easy.