Skype is one of the best applications to go for a communication across the globe. You can make calls, video calls, conference calls, corporate meetings and more using Skype. You can share your personal and professional information sharing over Skype network easily. This is again a threat to your security. Yes, even after using the Skype account password you are not secure. One can hack it and misuse your contacts and personal information from Skype account. READ MORE :-Quick Start Tips For New Skype Users

How can I secure my Skype account?

Here, we have best tips for Skype account security.

1 – Use strong password

This is really important that you should create a strong password. Your password should contain a combination of letters, numbers and characters. You can use them for keeping your account secure. Make sure you are not using your name, birthday, car number and dictionary words as passwords.

2 – Change password regularly

Even if you feel that you have a stronger password, but we would recommend you to keep changing it. You should change it after a period of 2-3 months considering the security in mind.

3 – Privacy settings

Skype gives a freedom to control who can contact you. You can define your privacy easily. You can easily define, who can see your profile picture, who can call you, who can message you over IM and share screen.

• For Windows desktop click Tools > Options > Privacy

• For Mac, click Skype > Preferences > Privacy

• For Android, tap Settings > Privacy

• For iOS, tap Settings > Privacy

• For Web, click Settings > Privacy

4 – Manage history

Skype uses to keep a track of all your conversations and history. You can easily manage it and keep your conversation safe. You can easily define whether you want to keep history or not. Even you can preciously mention of how long you want it; a week, 2 weeks…more or no history.

5 – Block a contact

This is one of the features, who allows you to keep any contact away who is intruding in your personal life. You can immediately block such contact. Sometimes, hackers used to interact with you can take all information. But you can easily avoid them by blocking if any such unknown person connects you or any of your own contact do so.

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