Fishing is a very interesting activity that is practiced by many people all over the world. Apart from equipping yourself with a GPS for fishing, you should also know some important tips for rock cod fishing. Getting their name from their rocky habitats, rock cod are deadly delicious.


Rock cods are predatory fish that hostilely defend their territory. They are found where there are rocks, cliffs, and boulders where they hide waiting for prey.


Using a GPS for fishing and an electronic locator, mark a breeding locality for the fish as there will be plentiful of them hanging at that point as it provides an advantage of cover. They hold to structure and tend to relocate after a few minutes hence swiftness in fishing. Search for new structures and don’t be jammed at one spot.


Any mere bait at the hook-end won’t get you rock cods. They are more enticed to swift movements and may follow scent trails. Jigs with the use of GPS finder for fishing would be more achieving due to their rapid movements and lots of fast motion. Most preferably big colorful jigs to attract the rock cods.

Methods Of Fishing

Due to their structure like nature, drifting over rock cod waypoints will get you plenty of fish. Catching rock cods in a particular area, it is worth drifting over the area a couple of times to find more of them which might be there and recognize the nest the more.

More rock cods may also move into the same spot; therefore, it is important to mark that location and coordinates using a GPS finder. When drifting going with a low tide change is efficient in that it will not be too fast drifting the boat away from the fishing spot.

Rock cod fishing can also use a variety of tackle rigs because a rock cod will be more attracted to a larger jig. However, resting the rod will not help catch very many fish. Therefore, after locating the appropriate fish position by the use of a GPS for fishing, you are required to jig rapidly over your waypoint to catch more of rock cods.

The rock cods can be observed to hit the jig as it is falling and free spooling it to the bottom

Rock cods like to stay in the same location and weather among other factors will be significant in your success in catching them. Therefore you need a sort of an anchor to keep your boat from moving vigorously and too much in harsh weather.

Fishing for rock cods is very adventurous and getting the hang of it will guarantee you a long eager wait for next time. Just like other types of fishing, do not forget to get a GPS for fishing when you are out for rock cod fishing. This will make your activity even more interesting.