Everyone wants privacy in their life and they often secure their things from others but what about your WIFI connection?

You don’t want your neighbors or street boys use your internet connection as you are paying yourself and if they get access to the network they might have access to your browsing history and data you stored locally. Read More

So how do you secure your connection and block unwelcome visitors and stay away? It doesn’t require you to become IT professionals but simple things will secure your system.

Keep changing your passwords:

• The very first thing you should need to do with your connection is to change the password and it was quite easy as you just need to log in the router settings page and change the password that is impossible for guests and others to guess it. See More

• The routers initial password is written on the sticker and whoever visit your home will able to learn the password and you need to change it and make it just like your birthday date or any combination that is able for you to learn in your head or somewhere secure place.

Check your router settings:

• You should also need to analyze the settings of your router connection as this page provides you detail information about your router and will check different connections connected to your network and changing the password of the router also worthy for people.

• You are also able to perform detective work with the help of router and will identify the devices and if you want you are able to find the settings of ‘Hide a network’ and your neighbors are unable to scan your connection and every time you connect the device you should need to enter the SSID manually.

Other security tips:

• If you are unable to learn the router settings as different models in the market have different settings then you should install the apps on your desktop to learn about the network that is free for use.

• You can also add the VPN settings to your connection that provides another encryption layer to your network as if anyone remain able to join the network needs hard time to gain access to websites.