With half of the year gone, startup ventures in Los Angeles have made an impressive performance with a total funding investment of $622 million. 25 companies exited with a total value of over $1.987 billion.

At the top of the list is Internet Brands, which was sold to private equity firm KKR at a sale value of $1.1 billion. They deal with advertising and marketing solutions where examples of products that they provide are websites like Lawyers.com and ApartmentRatings.com, as well as providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) like AutoData Solutions to help automotive dealers market their cars available. AutoData Solution also helps in the management of the sales.

Next on the list is Adcolony, a video advertising network, which was bought over by web browser company, Opera for $350 million in potential earnings and cash. Convertro came in third with AOL buying over their advertising attribution and optimization software service.

On the other side of the road, there are new kids on the block that have been working hard to raise the bar up to the next level.

While advertising technology is usually based in New York or San Francisco, Nativo and The Mobile Majority did Los Angeles proud by reaping in $13 million in total for their work on programmatic native advertising and their mobile advertising platform respectively.

On the gaming end there is Jumpstart raising $13 million and TapZen getting $8 million for their works. As for the specialty games end we have Survious rolling in $4 million for their virtual reality games and Gamblit Gaming scoring $12 million to add in gambling options to their mobile games.

To top off the cake with cherry, there are also several large funding scores to take note for these companies – Nandhealth was awarded $135 million for their work on identifying diseases and prognosis, Swagbucks had $60 million in their pocket for the rewards network they work on and finally Telesign raising $40 million for their identity security software.