Shopping – you either love it, or you loathe it. While we all have our own individual sense of style when it comes to our outfit choices, there are some items that it’s just essential that all women own – especially when comes to footwear.

The three shoe styles listed below are three that I think every girl needs in her wardrobe…

Barely There Heels

The first essential is a good pair of barely there heels – mainly because they literally look amazing with literally any going out outfit! Plus – they make your legs look super long!

Whether you need a partner for the classic “jeans and a nice top” combo, or something simple to make your LBD pop, the BTH is the perfect partner. The simple structure is slick and minimal, meaning they look elegant while allowing the rest of your outfit to shine. This versatile barely there style of heel is also timeless, so even if you’re not really that into heels but decide to invest in just one pair, let it be these. 

Heeled Boots

The heeled boot has now established itself as a staple in most girls wardrobe, and should definitely feature in your shoe collection. Whether you love a killer six inch heel, or prefer a more modest chunky heel, a good pair of boots can be pulled off with almost every outfit.

Since there are so many different types available, you can afford to mix in your own personal style tastes. Take a pair of block heel ankle boots – perfect if your style is chic and sophisticated, or a pair of sexy thigh highs, if you’re a bit more daring.

Depending on the style that you go for, heeled boots can be the perfect accessory to complete almost any outfit, making them a sure fire staple.

Cute Trainers

After all that heeled fun, you still need something a bit more grounded and wearbale. While a trusty pair of gym trainers are essential for when you are working out, it’s also a good idea to have a pair of more trendy trainers for when you’re out of the gym. 

The notion that trainers are just for, as the name suggests, ‘training’, is a fading one. Big brands are now embracing trainers and making them with more luxe materials such a velvet and fur, meaning you can treat your feet but still look on fleek!