I’ve been doing lots of cool research into all of the applications that are at our fingertips in 2017. There are an astounding 180 billion apps downloaded every year, but in a recent survey, it was revealed that only 60% of us use applications regularly. Mobile app developers create all sorts of apps to make us laugh, get fitter, become happier and even sleep better. There are so many apps at our disposal that we should definitely take advantage. Here are some of my favourite apps from the research…


Are you one of those people that needs a little bit of an added push to get that dream summer bod? This app is like am all-in-one health guru and personal trainer, perfect to get you motivated and active. Exercise is obviously the main focus of this (perfect for if you want to save a little bit of cash from a gym membership). There are loads of start-out courses and you can advance at your own leisure.


The international Crops Research Institute for Semi Air Tropics conducted research to assist farmers with their crops – A German start-up has developed an application which allows the user to determine any damage to a plant. All you have to do is take a photo of the plant and the app will do the rest – it will scan the database for any diseases of nutrient deficiency that the plant may have.

Photoshop Touch

Photoshop is extremely progressive for the world of Photoshop, it is the leader in picture manipulation and allows the users to have the same resources as any desktop version. This is perfect if you’re tired of using a mouse and really want to get stuck in with the editing process (using your hands). There are many different applications out there for photo editing, adding filters and so on, but Photoshop is by far the ruling champion.