Overcoming the premiere of Californication, Dexter or Ray Donovan is not available to anyone. So if a new series does, it is already more than enough reason to put the focus on billions tv series.

And if it also features Paul Giamatti ( Between Cups ) and Damian Lewis (embroidered the role of Brody in Homeland , especially in the brilliant first season) it all suggests that Billions aims to become one of the 2016 series , And in one of the jewels of Showtime.

A great premiere

On January 17, the American public was able to enjoy the pilot of fiction. In addition, they did it with historical record of a premiere of the chain, since they added 2.99 million spectators in its live debut, although adding the data of its repetition and of other platforms reached the number of six million. Then with the repetition and with the viewing on other platforms reached almost six million.

Spectacular figures that leave behind those harvested by Ray Donovan in 2013, which stood at 2.91 million. Although far from data like those marked by Fear the Walking Dead that was the best in cable TV history.

But the highlight of the series is not that you have recorded some great data; But it fulfills the expectations raised in the last weeks, which placed it as one of the fictions that did not have to be lost in this 2016.

Billions takes the financial heart of the world, Wall Stree t, where they will live a crude confrontation two great sharks such as Chuck Roadhes ( Paul Giamatti) , a prosecutor in charge of prosecuting financial crimes; And Bobby Axelrod, a financial fund manager incarnated by Damian Lewis.

Both also share a link: Wendy. The woman of the prosecutor is at once personal trainer of the financial giant. A role that falls to Maggie Siff, which we saw in the hit Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy.

The viewer will find in Billions a portrait of the particular habitat that rules on Wall Street, although with slight shades regarding past approaches, that has made the cinema, such as the excessive and great The Wall Street Wolf or even more excessive and Also great American Psycho , although in the film that showed us to Patrick Bateman bet more by the wrapping.

The two main characters are two respectable men, familiar, who have a good public image, but who in the bottom seem more than they wanted. Both have a great ambition and try to impose on the other. E Fiscal l is convinced that Axelrod has made a multimillion – dollar scam, and will not stop until you can prove it .

It aims to be a great jewel

One of the features that have stood out from the American critics, who has already had access to half of the 12 chapters of the first season, is the continuous tulization of black humor. Especially the character of the financial advisor, who lends itself more to these winks and tributes to black humor.

The series, moreover, has no problem in capturing the financial language, since among the creators is Andrew Ross Sorkin, habitual columnist of the matter in The New York Times. Next to him, they work Brian Koppelman and David Levien , that have been creative pair in many films. Among them Rounders, Ocean’s thirteen or Max bet .

We will have to see how the billonarios behave with the passage of the chapters, and if they meet the high bar that they left with their first impression. At the moment, they are the great irruption of 2016.