“If you’re not having doubt, then you’re not pushing it hard enough, or you’re not looking at the details close enough.” Tony Fadell


How hard is it to create something new? When people have new ideas they often worry that those may not be important or good enough. If people aren’t immediately interested or if you’re having doubt about them, it’s possible you’re not pushing, working or thinking hard enough. Some many of the great things that have been created failed to initially attract attention or overcome doubt, and it was only through perseverance that they became a reality. Are there things you do or deal with that you think should or could be improved, or have you thought of something cool that doesn’t yet exist? If yes, it’s normal to doubt whether those may be important, but don’t give up too quickly if you really think you’re ideas and instincts have merit. Keep pushing, keep looking closely at the details, and keep believing in yourself: that’s how to become a creative innovator today.


Anthony Michael “Tony” Fadell is a Lebanese American inventor, designer, entrepreneur, and angel investor.