The way to describe Steve Benjamins’ music is that he’s got the Zen thing. From the very start, he begins his latest EP with less, not more. In fact, he has only one performer—himself. And, as a result, his EP, Sightlines, sounds like a mellowed out twenty-minute meditation.

It begins with the title track that flows like a river leading to a hidden door where all things start again. The construction of this piece has an inert quality that asks the listener to tap into the senses and feel the moment. To be one with the natural state of things.

The second tune “We Used To Live” slightly departs from the downtempo vibe and adds a celebratory quality that calls out to embrace life. It may very well be suitable for a cinematic backdrop.  Albeit, the third track “Devotion” brings the effort back to the Zen zone where the under two-minute track excludes lyrics in favor of a sound-craft resembling a mantra.

This mood continues on the next track “Steamroller” where Steve appears to be addressing the forces of nature. As he tries to reach chi, he appears to be steamrolled—by what? Who knows? While most of the tracks are delivered with long, drawn-out notes, “Exploding Boy” takes on a bit more of a manic dynamic. But, Steve ends his effort on a poetic note as he assesses life. Who’s life?—most likely his. And the mysteries that come with it.

What Steve Benjamins has done with Sightlines is offer us a perspective of the human being as a spiritual animal.  For when man became recognizably human, they also recognized that the human experience is beautiful, but at the same time terrifying.

You can listen to Steve Benjamins’ music on SoundCloud. Sightlines will be released on May 15th.