Consumption leads to a generation of waste. When it comes to waste, it can be classified into different categories. For different kinds of waste, different techniques need to be employed. Hence it becomes crucial that we understand the what kind of waste we are dealing with.

Having enquired from a service that offers skip bins in Logan, we got to know the various kinds of rubbish that is generated all around the world. Let’s take a look at them one by one:


E-waste stands for electrical waste. This kind of waste generation has increased tremendously around the world in the last few decades because of our increasing dependency on technology. E-waste is usually generated from our computer systems, television sets, printers, DVDs and so on. E-waste mainly comprises of those products that contain some kind of electrical components or batteries. Getting rid of such waste is also a difficult process since the waste may contain poisonous substances which can pollute the environment and pose a risk to life.

Hazardous waste

As the name signifies, this kind of waste is hazardous and poses an imminent threat to life and property. Handling such waste requires proper techniques. If you have used a general purpose cleaner, you would be seen the label and probably it would say, “handle with care.” Hazardous waste includes paint, bulbs, pesticides etc. These cannot be thrown away with the general household waste and need to be disposed of at a hazardous waste disposal site.

Household Waste

Also referred to as the municipal waste, this is rubbish generated from our homes. Such kind of waste can either be solid or liquid.

Medical waste

The waste generated from the hospitals, clinics etc is referred to as medical waste. Such kind of waste is also generated in homes but in very small amounts. Medical waste poses threat to health and safety hence it needs to properly handled. In case medical waste is not handled or treated properly, it can prove to be highly infectious.

Recyclable waste

Such waste includes stuff made from cardboard, paper, glass or metal. This kind of waste can be recycled and converted into materials that can be put to use.

Green waste

All those yard trimmings, grass clippings and vegetable produce counts as green waste. Most of the rubbish removal companies handle this kind of the waste.

Industrial waste

Industrial waste is the waste generated from factories, industries. This kind of waste causes heavy water and air pollution if not tackled properly.