Having a baby brings a great change not only in the lives of the parents but also for the entire family. The new parents become more anxious about the safety and comfort of the newborn. The child gets the first preference. Several of attempts are made from the side of the parents so that the child stay secured and free from all kinds hazards. The baby may get affected by various infections. Bacteria, virus or germs are such agents that may lead some serious problems in babies. This is where a baby bottle sterilizer is needed on account of cleaning and sterilizing all necessary items to keep the newborn safe from these risk factors.

Purchasing these products is indeed confusing as there are lots of options, available in the market that makes you puzzled. Regarding this, you need to know some useful tips, which will definitely help you in choosing the best bottle sterilizer for your baby.

How does a bottle sterilizer work?

Most of the models of sterilizers are very user-friendly. The thing that you need to do is to insert the entire bottles with all of the necessary utensils into the sterilizer. Next, push the “go” button and wait until it gets done. The time depends on the models you are using. Most of the sterilizers take less time and can fit various bottles at a time. They all serve the same purposes, but they are designed differently.

Types of Bottle Sterilizers:

These are mainly of three types. These types include:

1) Microwave sterilizers: generally, this model applies the heat from steam in order to getting the bottles free from all harmful bacteria and germs. It is considered as the cheapest model, available in the market. More interesting fact is that it works very fast and in the most convenient and effective way. But one thing you must remember and that is, you must place the bottles into it, before adding the water and then cover up and pop it in the microwave. So, you need to pay attention that it fits well.

2) Electric steam sterilizer: it is easily understood from the name that this model applies electricity owing to heat as well as sterilize. Most of these sterilizers shut off automatically when the process gets done. Generally, it is a bit of expensive, but it is more convenient to use as compared with the other models.

3) Cold water sterilizer: this type of model requires the use of tablets or sterilizing liquid. The thing that you need to do is to put the bottles into a strong container that is covered with a soak and a lid in the solution. Compared with the other types of sterilizers, it takes much time in doing the entire job. The bottles need to be submerged in at least 30 minutes.

After the process of sterilizing, you must rinse off the rings, nipples and the bottle, before you give it to your kid.

These are some common types of bottle sterilizers. You know the disinfecting the bottles of your baby, is a must do job during the first year of his or her life. After that time it is not needed as the child himself can avoid them. An unsterilized bottle can trigger gastroenteritis that generally leads to diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting and many more.

Therefore buy the quality bottle sterilizers in order to keep your baby safe and secured.