If you are a history buff and want to visit a place which will satisfy your thirst for history, then a journey to High Wycombe is just what you need. High Wycombe with its Victorian Georgian architecture will make you feel nostalgic and will leave you in awe. People who don’t care about the past will also face the dilemma of knowing what happened with just one glance of the place. High Wycombe is not the only place for history lovers. If you want to take a break from the polluted life of the city and want to surround yourself with nature, then High Wycombe will not disappoint you. As High Wycombe has much attraction, I have tried to make things easy for you by listing my favorite places in High Wycombe below.

1. Hughenden Manor

If you love to have a look at the Victorian styled building, then don’t forget to go to Hughenden Manor when you are there in High Wycombe. A typical Victorian red brick manor covers the area of fifteen hundred acres. Talk about extravagant life.

Being in the ownerships of the royal family and some notable historical figures, it became a country house for Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli who was also First Earl of Beaconsfield. Even today, Disraeli’s family belongings are still preserved in the house, and they attract tourists from all around the world. Disraeli gave the responsibility of remodeling the manor to Edward Buckton Lamb who was known for his love for Victorian architecture. He removed all the signs of Georgian architecture and replaced them with features which are delighting tourists for centuries.

Hughenden Manor’s history is being preserved by National Trust as it became their responsibility in 1947. In 1955, this manor could proudly boast that it came under Grade I listed building while it parks came under Grade II of Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. 

2. Hellfire Caves

The only thing these caves don’t have is an actual devil. If you love historical sites which have a surreal environment, then you should visit this place. These caves are recorded to be human-made caves which are 500 miles long. To combat unemployment and starvation, Sir Francis Dashwood gave the idea of mining chalk and flint by hiring farmers at one shilling per day. It was also the place where the famous Hell club members used to meet.

The caves are believed to be a miracle of engineering as they are thought to be dug using hands. If you love gothic architecture, then you won’t stop yourself from dropping your mouth in shock when you see its entrance. It is designed to look like a gothic church. It is believed that Sir Francis Dashwood got his inspiration from his visits to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, etc. It also has a river called Styx. In Greek myths, the name Styx refers to a river which keeps the mortal world separated from the underground world.

Today, the ‘keepers’ of Hell Caves hold many exciting events to attract tourists. If you have the dream of becoming a ghost hunter, then you can join their paranormal investigation team or if you want your child to graduate in witchcraft then enroll them in The Hell-Fire School Of Witchcraft.

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