*Cough Cough* Haters! We all have them. Whether it’s the cashier at Starbucks, the jerk that sits behind you in math class, or sometimes even your own friends. But how do you deal with haters? Follow these simple steps and haters will leave you feeling confident and completely unbothered.

Step 1. Understand That Haters Are Gonna Hate

It doesn’t matter how perfect you try to be, in fact, you could be the most perfect person on Earth and people will still judge you. Someone somewhere will always have something negative to say about you and it’s not your fault. Understand that is their own personal problem. Just look at Beyonce, she’s one of the biggest stars on the planet and millions of people idolize her. Yet still, she has haters. And let’s be honest… She’s still Beyonce! Moral of the story is don’t take it to heart.

Step 2. Learn to Ignore Haters

These people are beneath you. More than likely the awesomeness you possess makes them feel small so they want to make you feel small too. Take their criticism with a grain of salt and continue to be yourself.

Step 3. Focus on People who love and Support You

Often times in life we become so attentive to the negativity that positivity goes unnoticed and in that sense, we are our own greatest haters. Why is it that if someone gives us a compliment we forget all about it within a day but if someone insults us we allow it to linger and pollute our minds for years. Stop letting the hateful words of others define who you are as a human being.

Step 4. Avoid Them at all Costs

Any person who feels the urge to weaken your self-esteem due to their insecurities is poisonous and should be disposed of as so. Run!!! You need to get away as fast as possible because this person is threatened by something you have going for you and will do anything in they can to make sure you don’t succeed in life.

Step 3. It’s Time to Celebrate

The fact that this person took time out of their day to attempt to bring you down shows that you are doing something right in life. So pop open that bottle of champagne and laugh it off because the fact that this person feels their opinion holds any importance is definitely something to laugh at.

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