When you want to get a job, you will definitely be on the lookout for the possible companies wherein you can get the right position. While there are plenty of different options available, it is really crucial that you choose a job which suits your passion and style of working. I have seen people who are sandwiched in jobs they do not like and to be honest, these people don’t stick for the long run.

They tend to leave their jobs or get disillusioned too soon. So, the smarter option at hand is to always pick a job which you will love to be a part of. When you are passionate about the job you do, it is likely that you will give your cent percent and also prosper in your career.

Having worked at Uber, I want to share some of my insights into what makes this company so special and why there are so many people who are vying to get a place in the firm. First of all, the kind of growth which this company ahs witnessed in a short frame of time is stupefying. They have managed to conquer a lot of goals.

The interview details

When it comes to Uber interview, you need to know that it is really important to understand the specifics. First of all, you should try and improve your technical expertise. Until and unless, you are technically proficient and have the right skills, it is least likely that you will bane able to get a job. The need has been felt to hire such employees who apart from being technically proficient also show the best interpersonal skills as well.

MS Excel – the king of all tools

When you are applying for Uber, I will specifically suggest you brush your knowledge pertaining to the use of MS excel. I was questioned thoroughly on the use of this tool and I found that a lot of my colleagues were questioned too.

So, I am telling this from experience. MS Excel is a very versatile tool that comes packed with too many features. Even if you are not acquainted with all the features, it is important to know the important ones as this will help you mange the different tasks, schedule them and check how on-time the deliverables are. Of course, there are a lot of other tools which may be used and it is important to be aware of its use and functioning.

Uber offers the right in-job training to all the employees. So, do your bit and check out more guides if needed. You should be well prepared and put in your best and then rest depends on lady luck. Every interview is important and you should give your undivided attention to it.