None even can imagine how to learn the alphabetical languages without knowing the alphabet. It can hardly be possible to associate the word “apple” with the apple itself if we can not read letters.

The similar situation with the Chinese language – in order to know and understand the Chinese characters we have to know the basic elements – the Chinese radicals.

Decomposition of the Chinese character into radicals helps us to create associations between the Chinese character itself and its meaning. The role of the ‘associative agents’ play the Chinese radicals. It is them who make any Chinese character understandable for us and easy to memorize.

If you read the decomposition part of the Chinese character 但 dàn ‘but’attentively you will easily write this character. While writing you will enjoy the feeling of the intellectual freedom: I am writing and I understand what I am writing!

汉字分解。 Decomposition of the Chinese character 但 dàn ‘but’:

亻 rén man,

旦 dàn dawn,

日 rì sun,

冂 jiōng down box,

二 èr two,

一 yī one,

亻旦日冂二 一

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Enjoy learning the Chinese character decomposition!