Greetings warrior!

Welcome to the real life. The holidays are here and you have to face the challenge of an unpleasant duty. That’s also your next quest – the holiday cleaning. Defeat your enemies and win the price – clean and tidy home, ready for Christmas.

Don’t underestimate your enemies. They may not seem so strong and scary but every one of them has its weapons and may cause you troubles. You have to sweat and create a strategy to complete the task and end up a winner.

So let’s start with facing your main enemies.

The ruler of the dust – He seems to have magic powers. Even if you’ve done regular cleaning often the dust is still all over your place. It appears again and again and there is no way to kill him once and for all. Anyway you can use one or two of your weapons – cloth, dust remover and a dust spray to remove the nasty thing from certain places where the other tools are not so effective.

Carpet Destroyer – This one is also very annoying but don’t worry. There are several ways to deal with his powers for good. First of all, you need to consider that pets are his best friends. Pet hair makes the cleaning of the carpets mission impossible. Your main weapons here are a vacuum cleaner and a brush. If your vacuum is not powerful enough to remove the hairs of the furry carpet use first the brush and then just vacuum the balls of fur. Now it’s time to remove the stains. Be aware, Carpet Destroyer uses your weaknesses and you may face not only pet stains but spills and food stains. To deal with these you need to find the proper cleaning products. There are plenty of them in every store so just go shopping.

Bathroom Monster, Dirty Tiles Devil, Demon of the windows, The terror in the kitchen… so many enemies. And so many possibilities. If you’ve never played this game before you’d better do a research. DIY forums and sites with cleaning tips and tricks could help you a lot. Just remember that there are no impossible tasks in this quest. Fill up you armory – all kinds of cleaning products – from tile cleaners to strong oven cleaners. It’s better they to be eco-friendly (take it as more health points). Cleaning tools and equipment – broom, mop, clothes, brushes, duster, etc. Brace yourself and prepare to spend some time doing this quest. Several hours or more. And do not forget that the reward is worth the efforts.

Sometimes computer games are not so far from the real world. In this quest as you can do in the online computer games you can use one more option – pay someone to do the job for you. Of course you can spend your money for stronger and more effective cleaning products – your weapons. But if you want to spend your time playing computer games or doing something else just call the local house cleaning specialists. One way or another you will achieve your goals and be victorious in the holiday quest.

Holiday Cleaning mission: complete!