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The unified chant of baseball fans lifts America’s spirits whether it’s from the whoosh of the ball as it sails above the grandstands or the thrill of a strike out from the perfect pitch. Baseball heroes throw, field, bat, and run into the history books. From movies and into mainstream pop culture, we’re mesmerized by baseball’s persona that embodies fierce competition, determination, and a touch of bravado. It’s not just the sport, but the personal stories of the players, coaches, and teams that capture our hearts.

The story of Matt Boyd, maverick left hand pitcher on the Toronto Blue Jay’s roster is a journey spiked with the quest to succeed. Hopes, obstacles, dreams, setbacks, and new goals have a place in not only Matt’s baseball chronicle, but in the business road to new customers, new sales, and overall effectiveness.

1)  Success is in the Preparation.

In painstaking conditions, the training continues, no matter the challenge, no matter the other demands for your time and your attention. It’s that fortitude, that mentality to continue that will get your business the call that jumpstarts the brand. For Matt Boyd that call arrived on June 26. It was THE call that he had dreamt about since the first time he saw Ken Griffey, Jr. play for the Seattle Mariners back in the 1990’s. Rather than pitching in the farm system, he got the notice that he would be debuting in the Major Leagues on June 27. Matt’s secret to getting that phone call was and is “Success is in the Preparation.” From the Major Leagues of baseball to the executive boardroom, every setback can be a move forward, every obstacle can be an opportunity, and every non-client can eventually deliver a new one.

Matt Boyd, Toronto Blue Jay's Left Hand Pitcher

Matt Boyd, Toronto Blue Jay’s Left Hand Pitcher

2)  Put Heart into Your Stats.

The competition is unrelenting, constantly at your heels. The sales figures, customer acquisition percentage, and market data may show trouble – a decline, a lowering, a less than.  The best way to get back on top is to put heart into those stats – review, analyze, research them – and then create, innovate, and make new because of them. With a disastrous second game in the Majors, Matt Boyd certainly could have spiraled downward. However, taking full ownership, Matt’s winning attitude cultivated his stickiness to perfect the game that he loves – that will net the desired game winning results and lead him back to the Major Leagues.

3)  Don’t Let Your Sliders Get Loopy.

Businesses strategize and agonize to get the call – the one that will leapfrog the company and propel sales. Congratulations! The new client is onboard, the funding has been obtained or perhaps the foray into the new market has proved to be successful. Now, it’s time to live in the moment  – to set the new goal, yet at the same time not get too far into the fray that you no longer know what the true goal is. After pitching in game 2 against the Boston Red Sox where the balls exploded in the opposition’s favor, Matt regrouped. His sliders were loopy. He’s now refocused on one goal, one pitch and one slider at a time.

Companies, like Matt, need to focus on the downward throw and converge upon that business sweet spot, one target at a time.

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