Once there was a beautiful princess who lived with her father in a huge palace. Although the princess was very beautiful she was also very selfish and conceited. The princess always got her own way and the king was often disappointed with his daughter. He was worried that she would grow into a selfish woman and that she would not be a good example to his people.

One day the princess was playing in the gardens of the palace. She was playing with her favourite possession in the whole world, a golden ball. The princess loved the golden ball because it was so shiny and she could see her reflection upon its surface. She also loved the ball because it was so valuable.

The princess threw the ball high into the air where the sun made it sparkle against the blue sky. Higher and higher she threw the golden ball. So high that she imagined the golden ball was a second sun; a sun belonging to her and her alone.

The golden ball went so high up into the air that it really did begin to look like a sun, and the reflections dazzled the princess who had to close her eyes. The ball landed some way away and began to roll towards the lake in the shadows of the giant Nakla trees.

The princess let out a cry and ran towards the golden ball with her arms outstretched. But she was too late. The ball rolled into the lake and sank beneath the surface out of sight. The princess collapsed onto the ground and began to cry. She cried to hard that her tears fell into the lake making a sound like raindrops. Little ripples stretched across the surface of the lake and still the princess cried and cried.

Then a small voice came out of nowhere. ‘Why are you crying, princess?’ The princess looked all around but she could not see a single person near the lake. Again the small voice asked, ‘why are you crying, my princess?’

When she looked down she saw a small frog sitting on the edge of the lake with wide eyes and little webbed feet.

‘I have lost my golden ball and now I will never get it back.’

‘Where have you lost it, princess?’ said the little frog. ‘I can help you find it if it will stop your tears.’

The princess wiped her tears away. Perhaps this little frog can help me, she thought.

‘It is at the bottom of the lake where I cannot reach.’

FrogThe little frog looked at the princess and smiled. ‘I can fetch it for you, princess. I will dive to the bottom of the lake and I will bring back your golden ball for you.’

The princess was delighted by the news and also smiled, but before the frog jumped into the water her wanted the princess to make him a promise.

‘I will promise you anything if you will bring me back my golden ball,’ said the princess.

‘I want you to take me with you back to the palace and be my friend. If you promise to do this then I will dive to the bottom of the lake and find your golden ball.’

The princess agreed right away and so the little frog jumped into the lake and swam all the way to the bottom where he took the golden ball in his mouth. The ball was very heavy and the little frog struggled to get back to the surface. Eventually he appeared on the edge of the lake and dropped the ball onto the grass at the princesses’ feet.

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