We all want a product that has a strong and long lasting smell for your body and that is why we at VI-John produced such a perfume, mist and deodorants that will last long, be irritation free or any skin problem and will also last long on your body. The perfume range of St.John, Archies and Vi-John etc. are best for long lasting fragrance and a pleasant body odour. From strong, mild to light fragrances, all of these are available in the website of VI-John.

To make a valuable and meaningful reach to the audiences and also to the right audiences is a most essential market need. We are working on every aspect of marketing and sales in order to reach to the right and needful audiences. Indian market has a great scope for the new products as people always look for better products and that is why we see a lot of brands keep on experimenting on their products, they launch better products, people are avoiding use of cosmetic or chemically strong products that is why all the brands are going for the natural ingredients concept. People prefer using products that are mild and effective, so that is why we also introduced products that were not very harsh with chemicals. The concept of Itra and mists is originated from here, as people do not want their bodies to be so harshly being in contact with chemicals.

Now, unlike many marketing concepts we know the value of celebrity endorsement plays a very vital role in making a brand successful. We associated ourselves with Emraan Hashmi for the endorsement of the cobra deo’s, body sprays and perfumes. Our deodorants, body sprays are easily available in the market and online for the convenience of people. People are getting exciting offers and motivation to buy the products online. So in order to engage people we thought of making effective online presence for an effective purchase of our items.

As we know body spays are not optional but essentials of our daily lives, we would like to focus on few of the positives of using these fragrances and how-

• The very first one will be the pleasant smell your body has.

• The attack of bacteria’s becomes less.

• The causes of skin problems also decrease.

• On a personal level you feel more confident in yourself.

• Most of the times we go for the spray use just after the bath but you should never do that.

• Never apply it on clothes directly.

• Never mix and match the fragrances.

• Always know which type of fragrance to be used on which type of occasion.

• Know when to use body sprays as there are times when body sprays won’t work and you should go for perfumes or colognes.

These are few essential points that have to be kept in mind while shopping a body spray, perfume or deodorants.