The comment section has been a revolutionary way to interact with articles/blogs on the internet. Articles start a discussion which allows the reader to voice his/her opinions on the topic at hand. Sometimes stories tend to be bombastic.  The comment section gives you an opposing opinion which is rooted in reality because there is no “click-bait” goal inherent in them.

Comment sections are hit or miss. They depend on the intelligence of the readers and the moderator’s ability to get rid of the rubbish ones which are vial, inappropriate, or unrelated to the topic of the article. There is definitely a large percentage of people who skip the article and straight to the comments. When the author actually answers some of the readers’ questions a magical experience occurs which is highly engaging.

This brings me to my prediction.  In 2 years it will be common for there to be live streams run by the author or the host website to enhance the comment section even further. Having a direct conversation about the topic at hand brings a highly differentiated experience to the reader. Video brings a better form of interaction because tone is brought to the forefront of the discussion. This minimizes misunderstandings and likely will lessen the amount of frivolous arguments.

Misreading a comment is rampant on the internet. Having a one-way video chat will avoid these problems on the readers’ end. A two way chat is impossible because of the number of readers per article. It is also unnecessary because the goal is to increase the readers’ experience. The reader having a camera to his/her face would be cumbersome because it would take too much effort on their part.

Some readers will simply log on to the chat and leave once his/her question is answered; others will stay and watch the whole video chat. This is analogous to how conversations work in the comment section now. Sometimes readers simply comment and then leave; other times readers will take the whole conversation in, learning as new viewpoints are discussed.

The video stream will not replace the comment section. What will happen is after a predetermined time, such as 2 hours after publication, the author will do a live stream to have a discussion with the readers. If questions are not coming through fast enough, the author will answer questions from the comment section. The stream will last 10 minutes and will be posted at the end of the article where readers can re-watch the conversation if they missed it.

While my predictions are great to think about, they would be meaningless unless I put my time where my mouth is.  In my stock predictions I often put my investment dollars where my mouth is which proves my sincerity in the recommendation. With this prediction I am supporting it by doing Periscopes myself where I will answer any questions about my most recent articles on financial, social media, and entrepreneurial topics. Hopefully my practice will inspire other writers to do the same. This will gives us all a better experience when consuming article/blog content on the internet.

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