Cartoon characters and the cartoon series are evergreen and are never going to fade away in the coming future as well. It is due to the fact that in today’s time also, the kids are fond of watching the cartoon series and grow up only watching them. Apart from that alone, they also learn a lot of things observing their favorite characters in the show and whatever that character does. It’s also a surprising thing that kids these days learn less from their parents and more from the internet and the Television sets.

Moving from that, today we are going to discuss the most popular and recognized cartoon series and shows that used to be broadcasted on cartoon Network. Nowadays, there is a whole new range of cartoon channels available on the Television but in the 1990s, a majority of kids only knew about Cartoon Network to watch Cartoon shows and nothing else. So, to recall those fabulous childhood memories, have a look at some of the top viewed and popular Cartoon Network shows of all time that have been given below:

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Having a cartoon show that is set up in a setting where imagined friends turn real and cohabit along with humans, you can say that you’re in for an exciting series. Foster’s used to be a show concerning a boy with the name Mac, who had to part with his fantasy friend Bloo and also the buddies he ended up creating at an unreal friend orphanage. Mac and his imaginary friends used to often move out for fun escapades and, in the end; everyone apart from Bloo might generally study something. The originality, standards, and particularly the notion of true attachment are the things that made “Foster’s” an amazing show which used to be marked on the kids calendar always.

The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls were exceptionally and faultlessly able to merger cuteness along with the violence that a fighter displays. The series was focused on the quests of three little girls who possessed distinct superpowers. The episodes used to range from the girls fighting the evil people and the monsters to them cope with the customary childhood problems like attending school. At that time, the show was so popular that we used to get a free calendar of Powerpuff Girls with our books for the new session. The cartoon series preserved a fun undertone regardless of the situation. Similar to the majority of Cartoon Network shows Powerpuff Girls utilized a lot of adult comedy as well as pop culture allusions, making it charm all the viewers.

Teen Titans

Whilst a majority of shows either have more emphasis on the comedy side or on the serious side having a splash of the former within it, the Teen Titans is capable of having both the sides and that too in the most effective manner. You might watch an episode that used to possess the comedy side, perhaps taking all the protagonists conquer a silly villain and then following it up with the other episode where the Titans might be struggling with their personal principles. This skill to perform that, whilst also taking supreme story lines, not just provided it the critical acclaim, but an abundance of love from a large audience.