1. Can I track the logistics of my parcel without tracking number?

Actually, there is hard to do so without tracking number. So here I suggest you can write down your tracking number in your notebook. If you have reference provided by sender, you can track your parcel by online reference information tracking. Otherwise, you have to ask DHL customer service for help.

2. I track my tracking number on website but got any result, why?

Your tracking info was not found, trackingmore defines it as“not found “or “not valuable”, possible reasons:

a. The carrier hasn’t accepted your package yet.

b. The carrier hasn’t scanned and entered your package tracking information into their system yet.

c. Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid.

d. Your tracking number has expired and removed from carrier’s system.

3. Tracking status showed my parcel was sent to other where not my house, why?

The information showed on tracking status was for service center, which offer pickup parcels and dispatch parcel. Please don’t worry, your package will be sent to the address you requested.