Once upon a time there were three princess’. Their names were Sparky, Lilly and Lauren. One day, they were going to pick some fruit. Sparky was in charge of her sisters.

“Lauren” said Sparky, “You must stay close.”

“Yes”, said Lauren rudely. I don’t need them to help me she thought. I’m old enough to take care of myself. So out they went.

They first picked blueberries and then found a tree full of bright red juicy apples. “Look!” shouted Lauren. But her sisters were gone.

Suddenly it began to rain. There was a strike of lightning and then a roar of thunder. She took her backpack off and umbrella and raincoat out.

“Maybe I can find my way home” said Lauren while buttoning up her raincoat and opening up her umbrella. “I’ll go to the enchanted lake”. She went to the enchanted lake. It was a pinky colour, shaped as a heart and looked shiny. “Lake” she said. “Will you help me?” Everything was silent. Then the willow tree formed her dark eyes. Then, flowers started to grow and grow and GROW!! Astonished, Lauren stared at the flowers.

“I wish I had those flowers” she sighed. There stood a lady with a silver glittery dress and her shiny brown hair was tied in a ponytail. She wore little gold delicate slippers. Lauren put her hand over her mouth when she saw lilac wings on her back. You’re …a….a” muttered Lauren.

“A Fairy Godmother” finished the fairy.

“Lauren, I heard your wish” said the fairy godmother.

“You’re going to grant it?” asked Lauren.

“Of course” said the fairy godmother. “Now child, let’s sit down and warm you up with hot chocolate”.

“Here you are”, said the fairy godmother handing the glass over to Lauren. Lauren suddenly froze. She was enjoying her hot chocolate so much that she had forgotten that she was lost.

“Oh no” Lauren exclaimed.

“Well I can grant you two wishes. Your first wish was to have these flowers in your garden and your second wish…”

“Is to find my sisters” finished Lauren.

“You have to follow a magic bubble. I’ll show you where your sisters are in the lake.” It was only two steps away. She watched as a blur of colours whirl around. There was a picture of Lauren’s sisters. They were calling “Princess Lauren.”

“You must go to your sisters” said the fairy godmother.

“Right” said Lauren firmly. “Thanks for all your help” said Lauren. Lauren opened the door. Then she saw a bright rainbow in the sky.

After a minute of running Lauren stopped. “This is where I end” she puffed. Then she heard some voices and called out “Lilly! Sparky!” Lily and Sparky turned around. “I had an adventure” said Lauren.

“Let’s hear it when we get home” said Lilly.

“I’m sorry for being rude” said Lauren.

“Just promise not to do it again” said Sparky.

“Promise” said Lauren smiling. I’ll tell you more about my adventure.

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