It is correctly said that rather than speaking or writing a language that one doesn’t know, it is better to restrain from writing in it as it will be no less than disrespect to a language but it will be also given a wrong impression to the reader to reads a text that is incorrect in many ways. English is a language that has found its place in almost all over the globe though one cannot just comment if everybody in the world speaks and write this language in a correct manner.

The question comes how to know if one has used correct English in a written text? Are there any factors that can justify the right way of writing in this language? The answer is yes, as there are certain factors that ensure that whatever text one writes is error-free. One can easily find free websites that provide spell check and other such options to make text efficient.

Here are some of the factors that are necessary to consider while writing in this language:

Correct Grammar: Grammar is the first key to open the door of speaking and writing in any language and English Grammar is necessary to learn for a person who has to speak and write in this language for daily purposes. This makes a person confident when it comes to writing as he becomes hands on with all the tenses that play a great role in writing in this language.

Vocabulary: Learning new words make a person to explore the new aspect of any language. Such a person becomes confident enough while speaking and writing in the language as there is a sense of confidence that comes in a person when learns more and more about a language.

Correct Spelling: There are people, who pronounce a word correctly but when it comes to writing they end up mixing up the syllables and thus the end result is completely different from the word that is pronounced. Having the correct knowledge of syllables is quite an important factor to improve in this aspect.

The importance of writing the correct spellings:

Makes a writing look professional: Writing incorrect words can really dent the professional image of a person as the reader thinks that the writer has no hold on the language and the poor writing skills sometimes make a person lose his contracts as well. This is why professionals need to understand the need of correct writing for better future perspectives.

Better understanding: Wrong words provide wrong information; a single mistake of using aspect in place of expecting can create blunders. To provide a good understanding to the reader it is necessary to write correct words.

These are some of the common things that should be considered while writing in the English language. There are many online spell checkers to check your texts that provide the option of assessing the errors in written text and they also provide correction in free.

Hope this piece of writing will prove helpful to you. 

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