The heaviest animals to subsist and prosper on planet earth

Everybody knows that the heaviest and the largest animal to live on planet earth is the Blue Whale and no other animal has ever emerged to have larger body and mass than the Blue Whale. But, do you know that there are animals that are close to that mark?

Everybody recognizes the largest animal on the planet, but if the question arises as the 2nd largest animal or the 3rd one, no one would be able to answer. Thus, today we are going to tell you about the heaviest animals alive on the planet apart from the known Blue Whale. So, check out the list of the heaviest animals that subsist in our world and have never been extinct.

Whale Shark (18100 Kg)

The whale sharks are the biggest fishes that are present in the sea that is 12 meter in length and have a weight that nears 40000 lbs. approximately. They are discovered in humid and hot ocean waters all over the globe. The tough jaws and sieves help the whale sharks to effortlessly consume a huge amount of foodstuff in one single go.

Asian Elephant (5000 Kg)

The Asian elephants are the 2nd biggest species of elephant that are living on the planet, just following the African elephants. The Asian Elephants are the largest terrestrial animal that exists in the Asian region. These species have a smaller birthday calendar as compared to the African elephants as they just live for 45-50 years. A full-grown Asian elephant weighs nearly 11000 lbs. and is 3.5 meters in height. Different from the African elephants, the Asian elephants possess smaller ears.

African Elephant (6300 Kg)

African elephants are the heftiest, alive land-living animal all over the world. A mature African elephant might weigh up nearly 14000 lbs. and is approximately 4 meters tall. They possess big ears as well as tusks as compared to other kinds of elephants. The African elephants usually live in the rainforests of Western and Central Africa.

White Rhinoceros (3500 Kg)

The first time I saw a White rhinoceros was on a calendar template and I was amazed to have seen such an animal. And soon I got to know that it is the 2nd largest terrestrial animal on planet Earth. They live and are found in a variety of parts all over Africa. The white rhinoceros are likewise the biggest of the four existing types of rhinos on the globe. The white rhinos possess 4 meters of body length on an average and weigh up in the range of 3600 to 7800 lbs.

Hippopotamus (3400 Kg)

The hippopotamus is the 3rd biggest land-living mammal to live on Earth. They are the inhabitants of the regions of South Africa. A mature hippopotamus weighs nearly 7500 lbs. They splurge a lot of their time