If someone asks you to illustrate the beauty of Rajasthan, what will you like to paint in a single go? Obviously, you will like to brush the majestic royal buildings dating back to the previous days when both Mughals as well as Rajputs relished their creativity through the architecture. Lots of sharing followed the history and significance of the Royal buildings.

But to break the routine monotony, let’s catch some repercussions on the buildings that were later converted into Museums.

  • Bagore ki haveli:

Moving towards the Gangori Ghat, one of the hefty buildings that will steal your gaze is the Bagore ki haveli. The existence of the Pichola Lake amplifies the beauty to the million times. The Mewars put up the Haveli in the eighteenth-century under the eye of the Chief minister of Mewar Amir Chand Badwa. The haveli intensely illustrates the Royal influence of the Mewars. With the passage of time, however the building started to look ramshackle. To rescue the building, an organization named as the West Zone Cultural Centre in the year 1986 took a valiant step of converting the haveli into a museum.

First of all, the entire renovation work continued to bring the lost glory of the mansion after a consultation with the Royals. Later a museum was fixed inside the mansion only. Besides sketching the faded architecture, it also put up the oil paintings especially canvassed keeping in the mind of the art of Rajasthan Mewars. It does not end here; other hosts of attractions are the apparels of Royals, along with that you can find embellished Rajput jewelleries as well. While the inside gives you the view of the private bath and quarters for royal ladies. Thus, to catch up the beauty of the haveli converted to museum, you have to visit the best resorts in Rajasthan.

  • Morarka haveli:

While scouting one more name that entered lists of the havelis converted to a museum is the Morarka haveli. The entire haveli resembles the Shekhawati style of architecture. Obviously, it shows up the plush and lavish lifestyles of the dwellers. Even rich paintings, miniatures, frescoes all lined up on the walls deliver a message of the opulence of Shri Jaichandji Morarka. Furthermore, some additional inducements like the murals of birds, animals, Hindu religion, the living style of Marwars all artfully captured. Besides the royal ambience, the windows crafted in Belgium tinted glasses multiplied the magnificence.

But the successors did not take any step forward to restore the authenticity of the haveli. Taking that into concern, this again went under the jurisdiction of the Government. They minutely look after each and every detail of the building; they even renovated that as needed. The present look of the mansion tells you that it is a known museum.

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