Taking a glimpse into the past, we can clearly see that the office landscape of organizations were riddled with cubicles which forms the cubicle floor plan. These office layout plans have been popular over the decades due to many different reasons. However, later in the 21st century, the open office layout plans were introduced. These gained massive popularity across the globe because of its numerous advantages. A majority of modern business organizations have open plan offices these days. Even the office interior decorators in Lahore and Pakistan suggest open office plans to cut a great deal of construction and decoration costs for the organizations. Since cubicle floor plans as well as the open office plans come with their fair share of pros and cons, the business organizations are now moving towards hybrid office floor plans. Today we are going to shed some light on what hybrid office floor plan or hybrid office layout is and how it is a more practicable idea.

What is a Hybrid Office Plan?

As the name suggests, a hybrid office plan is a combination of both, the traditional as well as the open office plan. It combines the benefits of both types of office layout plans and reduces or even cancels out their drawbacks. Below are a few of the notable benefits of hybrid office floor plans:

Ensures Privacy and Collaboration

Unlike an open office plan, the hybrid office ensures privacy for every worker. But this doesn’t mean that it disconnects all the workers from each other, just like in the case of a traditional office space. In fact, a hybrid office, with its open feel, promotes creative collaboration between the employees.

Visually Pleasing and Appealing

A hybrid office is far more visually pleasing as compared to both, the traditional and open space offices. This kind of office space comprises of a cool and sleek look that is highly desired by a majority of business organizations. It offers an openness without the stagnation and isolation the traditional office space can sometimes create.

Flexibility in Workplace

Whether your project/task requires privacy or teamwork, you get both in a hybrid office. There are private glass cubicles designed especially for those who seek privacy to concentrate on a specific task. Similarly, there are open desks as well as conference rooms to help employees work together in unison according to the requirements of the project.

Since the hybrid offices offer greater work opportunities and pave way for more productivity in the workplace, it is good to see that it is becoming the optimal choice for business organizations across Pakistan. If you’re considering renovating your current workspace or constructing a completely new office, make sure that you consult the top interior designer in Lahore and Pakistan, such as Amer Adnan Associates.