With its mild and cosy climate, Sydney and the entire State of New South Wales attract thousands of workers to come and work here. Since the NSW Business Chamber has launched a plan how to grow NSW and its capital, it is expected that in the years to come this beautiful city will see even stronger development. However, a growing number of businesses also mean more things to consider, especially if you are among fresh and young entrepreneurs. Since they face certain financial and organizational problems, it is important to have some solutions at the reach of your hand.

How to start?

Due to an increased number of businesses and their owners aiming at renting Sydney-based business offices, the prices of such properties in the Sydney business district have skyrocketed over the last couple of years. Since an average small business can hardly pay a few thousand dollars a month only for overhead expenses, it would be smart to start from one of the Sydney’s fast-growing suburbs or even an apartment. In this case you only need to find a spacious apartment that will provide enough space for your initial business needs.

Also, renting an apartment is much simpler than going for an office space. As a matter of fact, a young entrepreneur can use their own place for the beginning of their Sydney business story. Here are some guidelines that can help you register a home business, set by the Government of Queensland.

Use AU business benefits

The Government of Australia has realized that some other areas – especially in Southeast Asia – attract more foreign startups than Australia. This is why they have decided to adapt their taxation regulations and offer significant deductions to startups. It should help early stage innovation companies (ESICs) to overcome the difficulties most of them come across during the first few years of their work. Therefore, if you are planning to launch a startup in Sydney, find out more about these tax incentives and ensure more assets for your business needs. 

Where to park?

No matter if you place your business inside your current home or go for a professional office in the central business district, you will still need to have smart solutions for some basic things, like parking. On one hand, you should encourage your employees to come to work by means of public transportation. It will reduce the carbon footprint your startup leaves on the already fragile climate of Australia. Moreover, the employees will dodge some problems when it comes to parking, too.

On the other hand, you should also respect your workers’ right to commute the way that suits them best. This is why they should start using this digital parking service. It allows Sydney workers to reserve a parking space before they get to work. That way your employees can save some precious time and money, too.

Employees’ comfort

Having business premises in any large city demands a special set of in-house actions to ensure your employees’ comfort. First of all, equip them with quality office furniture. They will be more satisfied if they know their employer cares about their health and comfort. Secondly, make sure that they get enough sun light. Natural light improves productivity. However, the office has to have proper shutters and blinds, to protect workers from excessive heat. Fresh, cool air is also one of the preconditions for an encouraging work atmosphere.

Working in Sydney will be a great experience for you and your employees. If you use all the benefits provided by the government and organize your startup in accordance with modern trends, you can look forward to a successful business future.