From 2006-2015, the number of people seeking HIV specialist care in the UK has increased by 73%.

One of the ways that government leaders are working to prevent this global scare is by early detection of the disease and by using a new advanced HIV test called the 5th Generation HIV test.

This test is the primary HIV screening test in the UK and looks for HIV-1 antibodies, HIV-2 antibodies and the p24 antigen.

In order to carry out the 5th generation HIV test in the laboratory, a very small amount of blood sample is required such that it can be collected by the ‘finger prick’ method at home. Results are issued on the same day that the sample is received at the laboratory.

This 100% private confidential HIV test is 99.8% accurate from four weeks after exposure.

The 5th Generation HIV test provides more information than ever before about your HIV status. A major advance is that this test can now detect and identify both HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies and the p24 antigen individually in one blood sample, therefore specifically informing you which marker is positive.

By reporting on all three markers individually, if you test positive for any of the markers, it will mean that you can begin a more tailored treatment relevant to your needs much faster. The p24 antigen is detectable only in the early stages of an HIV infection, and the antibodies are the marker of a longer term established infection. By reporting on all of them, we can tell whether your HIV infection is more likely to be acute (or recent) or acquired more than three months ago.

HIV 1 and HIV 2 are two different viruses; HIV-1 is the more common virus worldwide, but they do both need different management. Medicines targeting HIV-1 will not usually be effective against the HIV-2 virus which is why it is important to know early on which viral type you have.

With over 33 million people now living with HIV globally, it is increasingly important to know your HIV status. Our CE marked 5th Generation HIV test is very accurate and one of the best in detecting HIV infection worldwide.