While Chavez lies rotting in his vault, the social fabric he forced out of democracy and justice lies rotting with him.


Lines form in front of supermarkets hours before they open. The customers queuing up hope to buy just one of the only items on sale today: cooking oil. The line started forming at 5:30 am. By noon, the store still hadn’t opened, and the line grew around the block.

In Buenos Aires’ Plaza de Mayo, a few dozen demonstrators are milling about the plaza. Flustered that their Tupac Amaru leader, Milagro Sala has been jailed, the squatters’ stated plan is to hold the plaza until Sala is released.

Mostly uneducated, the squatters don’t realize the truth behind Sala’s confinement. They only know what they’ve been told by other occupiers who are equally illiterate.

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Fed up with theft and corruption in Jujuy Province, the recently elected governor has decided to change the way U.S. Dollars are handed out to recipients such as Sala. When (former) President Kirchner was in office, Sala would be given a couple of paper bags holding bills. The money, intended to help develop schools, homes and hospitals for the impoverished, was never precisely accounted for. Without transparency, much of the money ended up in the hands of narco-traffickers, human traffickers, and thieves — of course after Sala had redirected some of the cash into her piggy bank.


Morales was chosen in December in the wave that began to crash on the Pink House and would clear years of corrupt Peronism out of the country. Deciding that doing business well was good for business, Morales decided to revolutionize the way money was distributed.

He decided that from now on there would be accountability and government dollars would be routed to recipients by the banking system.

This change is what got Sala’s panties in a wad. Accountability, a foreign term to her, led her to lead a demonstration in Jujuy which led to her being picked up and held. The protest charges never stuck. Instead, Sala was, and is, held on fraud and corruption related charges.

Too bad her supporters can’t see this. They still think Chavez was the eye of God looking over Santa Ladrón