When you’re purchasing the best truck GPS Navigation Unit in 2017, you have to acknowledge is that a Truck GPS is altogether different from your average auto route unit. When you’re driving a truck, RV or Big Rig will have unique prerequisites with regards to the route. There is no point driving down a street on the off chance that it has connected most of the way along that you can’t get under. As a truck driver, will require a Truck-Specific GPS Device that will accompany trucking one of a kind components, for example, the capacity to recognize and keep away from confined courses, Trucking Points of Interest and bigger screens to make them less demanding to peruse.

What Makes A Trucker’s GPS?

Right off the bat, for a truck GPS you have to ensure that you can enter your trucks tallness, width, length and weight and guarantee that when the GPS figures courses, it consider this data. There is no reason for having a GPS unit that brings you down courses with low scaffolds that you can’t get under or limited zones where your weight is an issue. The other key contrast is the purposes of intrigue database. You have to ensure that the GPS accompanies truckers purposes of intrigue database and in this manner will disclose to you which corner stores you’re permitted into and where you can spend the night in the solace of your truck.

Tom Tom Truck GPS 2017

The Tom Tom Trucker is a dashboard-mounted GPS framework upgraded for the requirements of the trucking business. Most quite, not at all like a standard GPS, it incorporates and tracks basic data on street stature, bridge tallness, and business conveying limitations. This empowers truckers to arrange their course, as well as to do as such without being unexpectedly coordinated through zones where their vehicle is not permitted, does not fit, or which introduces a problematic course for an extensive business vehicle.


The new TomTom is known as Tom Tom Truck GPS 2017 because it additionally can interface with the help of Bluetooth to a trucker’s telephone, where the My Drive application can be utilized to arrange a course, keep away from likely dangers and activity, and additionally transmit and affirm proposed courses to the client or administration.


The Trucker Tom Tom Truck GPS 2017 has a straightforward snap-mount framework, empowering it to be rapidly and effortlessly put anyplace helpful. A fundamental mounting setup is furnished with the framework. The snap n-go setup is anything but difficult to introduce and gives a firm mounting point that won’t jar around or come free after some time. Furthermore, as it is a standard that has been utilized for quite a while, and various mount alternatives are accessible available, making outside mounting choices simply to discover. The framework has a 6″ touchscreen with variable brilliance settings and programmed night diminishing.

This makes the TomTom Trucker a great alternative for the individuals who require a truck GPS framework.