Did you know that chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to an enlivened brainstorming session? Ever wonder why many corporate meetings go hand in hand with Snickers, Toll House chocolate chip cookies, or an array of other sweet confections? Could it be that the event organizer understands that when attendees bite into a chocolate, it heightens their senses and kicks in the creative chocolate juices like almost no other food?

We’ve heard about chocolate’s antioxidant properties, but what about chocolate’s brainstorming power? When you’re short on ideas and need a refresher, you may want to take a bite out of these chocolate morsels:

Triple Threat. Pull out all the stops with a triple chocolate multi-level cake that tempts the mind like no other. Get the group together with this chocolate star of the show where every yummy bite provides one more aha moment sure to inspire for days and weeks to come. Take a slice or just a bite, but no matter what, your team will relish this tempting delight and without hesitation, the new ideas will flow and the chocolately creativity will ensue.

Guilty Indulgence. If you need a quick chocolate hit, reach for soothing hot mocha. Several different samples abound and one is sure to have just the right blend of smooth, chocolate decadence in each sip. With each drink, savor and visualize your goal and the steps necessary to accomplishing your project with sweet satisfaction. Hmmm…yes, your next inspirational idea can lead to a mighty tasty ending.

Sweet Kickstarter. Smooth, creamy and pure bliss, your cheesecake drizzled with equal blend of strawberry and chocolate provides that extra push when you need it. A palette pleasing delight will ignite your senses, kicking you out of the doldrums that you might have been feeling.

Idea Refresher. Want to know what is the next cool idea? Refresh yourself with an icy and satisfying mint chocolate chip ice cream. Multiple the creativity with this double your fun treat that is made for sharing. With each scoop, take turns writing the next new idea.

Creative Avalanche. A new invention is just around the chocolate corner, especially when your group indulges in the next big idea during your chocolate fondue. Tip your skewer into the melting pot, name a new idea, however outlandish – and only then, take a bite from your newly created chocolate delight.

Step into the dreamy world of chocolate and let the innovative escape take over you. Soothing. Mesmerizing. Keep the chocolate and ideas flowing!

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