Today, I’ve been having a rant about blogging and how difficult it can be to get noticed amidst the sea of spun articles and junk posts people publish to hawk products.

My rant, however, has come with a sidebar; that I still believe it’s possible to get the attention you seek for your blog if you put in a bit of effort to set yourself apart from the rest. 

I’ve published 2 blogs on the topic, An Honest Take on Blogging and My Formula for New Bloggers, over on my main site. It’s a new project for me so you’ll notice there isn’t much there yet. 

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be adding to this discussing great social media management, consistency, analyzing results, branding and more. Yes, social networks and blogging platforms are quite saturated these days, but I think the great content that’s sincerely meant to help people will eventually get the attention it deserves, and the crap will fade away.

If you read my blogs, I hope that you find them helpful. I want you to create a blog that you’re proud of; one that’s a testament to how creative, insightful or talented you are. One that really showcases your best work or your voice. One that’s helpful or funny or heartwarming. If there’s anything I can do to help you create that wonderful blog, get in touch with me. Let’s go for a coffee and chat.