Today, the market offers hundreds of vacuum cleaners, many of them with features that we do not even know how useful they are. Hence the importance of reading this guide to buy the best cheap vacuum cleaner that will help you decide which one is best for your needs and budget.

Buying Guide


How well does the vacuum cleaner work? Without a doubt the most important thing to do when comparing is to know its performance, for a vacuum cleaner to be really efficient it must have good suction power, sealed compartments and suitable filters.

Although we think that the greater the suction, the better it will suck the truth is that for different surfaces we require different degrees of suction so it is important that the vacuum cleaner has a control of the suction force.

We are not worth a vacuum with great suction power if its compartments are not properly sealed to prevent the collected dust from returning to the environment in the aspiration process.

On the other hand, we must choose the best filters, HEPA filters are especially recommended but because there are different types of HEPA filters we must look for those that indicate that they are certified filters, “True HEPA” or “Absolute HEPA” that will be the only Capable of trapping microscopic particles. This type of filter is suitable for people with allergies.

Which vacuum is better with bag or without bag? It has been proven that they better filter the vacuum cleaners with bag so they are more recommended for those who are really interested to aspire as much dirt as possible, also having a bag are not exposed to dust when emptying the vacuum cleaner what if it happens in vacuum cleaners Without bag.


When we talk about the design of the device, rather than referring to whether it has a classic or modern design, nice or ugly, we refer to features as the weight of the device since you must transport it from one side to the other of the house and you do not want to have to move A very heavy one.

Also the length of the cable is very important, since having a good cable will avoid that you have to be connecting and disconnecting from one plug to the other, also if you have stairs this is even more important.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that you can reach places like under furniture, beds and corners. Similarly, it looks for one that has the option of automatic shutdown, it is a security measure that makes when you pass on an object and is obstructed, it automatically goes out. The same thing happens when you overheat or when the bag or tank is full.


Finally, another factor to consider in comparative when we are going to buy a cheap vacuum cleaner are the included or available accessories for it. Consider your needs and choose according to them vacuum cleaners that have accessories for the hairs of pets, to clean upholstery or curtains, for corners, extensible tubes, etc.

In summary, look for a vacuum cleaner that suits your home and your lifestyle with the right suction power for your floors, with accessories that make vacuuming an efficient and life-giving task, and of course, Mark that offers you assistance and technical service in case you require it.