When it comes to buying air conditioners, it’s not really as straightforward as it seems. First, you have to find the right AC from the countless options available on the market. Then comes the inevitable question; can we make it this summer without AC? If we made it through the last one, surely this one wouldn’t be an issue right? We can always get coolers, right?

The best air conditioners aren’t the easiest to purchase. So, what will an average income individual to do? These are all difficult questions that one would prefer to not deal with. After all, a fan works well, doesn’t it?

Well, now it’s time for an upgrade, and if you’re thinking of how unreasonably expensive and heavy it’s going to be on your pocket, worry not! This is the change you’ve always needed; you can now buy an AC on EMI.

Yes, you read that correct. Air conditioners are shifting more and more from a luxury, into a basic necessity. The increasing heat doesn’t seem to be doing any of us any favours, is it? And if you still think that this isn’t for you; welcome to the world of online shopping. India has seen immense growth and an almost revolutionary change being brought about in its market due to the emergence and imminent growth of online marketplaces.

More and more people want to buy things online at ridiculously low prices. And just like with anything else; you can now buy air conditioners online at best offers,even ones you wouldn’t have imagined! When you couple online shopping, complete with home delivery and what not, and add to it the magic of EMI; you have yourself a deal even you couldn’t say no to. So, by now you’re probably convinced of the miracle that is online shopping. Here’s how you can take the next step of upping your payment style using the new trend of EMI cards.

Why Should I Shop With EMI Cards?

If you’re an ardent online shopper, you’ve probably been buying things online for ages! You’re also well aware of the various improvements that have happened since online shopping first came about. If you know that, you’re also likely to know that online shopping gives one the chance to buy certain products on sale using various coupon codes, all of which can add up to some really good discount rates. Now, what is the best part about all of this beside the discounted rate? Well, it’s the fact that you can pay that already discounted rate through easy instalments, and it would be as if you’ve not spent a penny.

Some of the best AC offers in online today give you not only a discounted price, but also some freebies to take home along with that killer AC. An EMI card can make this a whole lot easier on you by nullifying the down payment. This can make all the difference for you, especially if you feel that it’s out of your financial capabilities to make a purchase as huge as this in a short period of time. Also, an EMI card makes it possible to slowly divide your finances around your purchase, which you would not have the liberty to do if you go for a regular payment. So, in a lot of ways, it serves as a pre-approved loan that you can use to make any and all online purchases.

How Do I Get an EMI Card?

How easy or difficult it might be for you to get an EMI card depends upon the bank/NBFC you choose. Most of these lenders make it easier for their existing customers to apply for an EMI card, so it’s always better to pick a bank/NBFC in which you have an existing account. But for the most part, it’s one of the easiest things to do. It does not require any documentation, and an extremely low processing fee, if any. The winning deal here, however, is that there is zero down payment required for most EMI cards! That means you don’t have to pay a certain amount upfront, regardless of whatever your purchase may be. Some banks/NBFC also give you pre-approved exclusive offers with your EMI card on various e-retailers!

Now, what could you possibly be waiting for? With the best AC offers only a click away, you can finally get rid of the pesky summer rash and sweaty sleepless nights. Opt for the EMI card today! So you can buy finally buy that AC on EMI and reduce the overall financial blow this purchase might make to your economic standing.

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