2017 – The Year Full of Creativity and Innovation

Creativity, simplicity, and innovation welcomed the year 2017. A massive transformation of logo design is seen so far. Designers, animators, and developers are experimenting with different designing techniques. They have taken simplicity to the next level by adding appealing animated aspect in it. From the charm of broken letters to photographic textures each trend that has sprouted up is making success in grabbing attention and spreading brand’s awareness effectively. It’s all about innovation. I’m glad to notice that designers today, are not being complacent. Instead, they are experimenting and introducing a whole new set of trends adding a huge variety of innovative flare in the logo designs.

A logo being the tiniest element of branding plays a significant role in branding. It gets overlooked by those who have got into the depths of its excellence. No matter for what it gets used for brand recognition, visual appeal or for instant communication it is what stands out and helps to make a faster selection. One cannot consider it as a small design element. It’s imperative to get yourself updated with what’s in and what’s out before laying your hands on the design work.

So, let’s ramble on the journey of hot and amazing logo designs trends of 2017 which I have gathered below:

Animated logos

They are simple, classy and cool. Animated logos are in trend this year. They are sleek and engaging. In a simple logo, a bold outlook of the brand or company gets depicted. It instantly holds viewer’s attention, engrossing them in its beauty and charm. Animated logos are the most efficient manner of branding via logo designs.


Photographic Textures

The quick and productive way of adding personality into a logo is called photographic textures. It is another enticing way of branding in which abstract photography is utilized to enhance the motto of the brand. From font style to themes and color every aspect is so meticulously chosen that it can quickly grab attention span of the viewer.


It’s like “Gold is Gold.”

No matter which fashion gets followed or what improvisation gets introduced, simplicity remains untouched. It’s like immortal. People of every time belonging to any organization or industry leans towards adding a unique and sophisticated flare in the designs.

Thousands of designers have adopted this attention-grabbing strategy and got benefited greatly. It is a technique in which an image or simple colors are used to make an essential part of the logo enhanced. It focuses on the central element of logos. Minimal colors, simple themes or backgrounds get incorporated in it.

Form Simplifications

The year 2017 increases the popularity of incorporating simplification in a logo. In this era of smartphones and other handheld devices which require precise layouts of designs and graphics, adding simplifications in a logo design serves the need. It makes a logo clutter-free and portrays clarity and precisions. Designers are introducing simplifications and minimal patterns as the latest trend.

Broken Letters

Never did I ever thought that broken letters could get utilized in such an appealing manner. One of the new trends of 2017, the infusion of broken letters in logo designs is making success and gaining much of the attention. It got used beyond its utilitarian nature.

Designers have put forward this new trend with incredible innovation and creativity. The broken letterform delivers the brand’s outlook in an amazingly productive manner.

Hand-Drawn Logo Design

The ultra-challenging task is to transform handmade design on a computer. But our designers have taken the passion for presenting the awe-inspiring custom logo design to an incredibly higher level. By watching the trends of 2017, I wonder what’s coming up in the latter years.

USB, scanners, vector tablets and many high-tech devices and software get utilized for making hand-made drawn logo designs.

A fully digital design gets illustrated giving a fresh and clean feel to the logo. The aesthetic and graphics engages audiences and generates potential outcomes.

UI-Friendly Fonts

As the smartphone industry is kicking in it continues to influence the logo design industry. Fonts play a vital role in a professionally drawn logo. Nowadays, scaling process are focused substantially on making the font UI-friendly.

As these high-tech devices and interface require precise fonts and graphics, a cluttered image will affect the credibility of a brand. Hence fonts are used in a manner that it look clean and accurate on any device.

2017 Is truly a fantastic year. Inspiring designs have come up to the surface playing its part in mesmerizing audiences. Where designers take the urge to experiment; owners and users have taken a step forward in appreciating these compelling trends.

From sparkling to sophisticated colors to interesting themes, there is more to these trends. Discover it yourself and incorporate them to stand out from the crowd.