Nurses who have advanced have lighter responsibilities compared to those who have not advanced, also, their job description changes. Here is their job description.

Registered with the Advanced Nurses Practitioners

Through this registration, they can head medical department and become directors of the nurse’s unions. Also, through this registration, they can work in public and private health sectors. They help in offering better maternal health to women and support midwifery services to those women who cannot afford to go to hospitals or access better health care.


They exercise leadership and competence in the clinical areas in their field. Also, they aim at developing the post they are assigned. They specialize in offering high-quality services in their line of duty compared midwifery who are only skilled to perform lesser responsibility due to their limit of professionalism.

Advocate for Women to Access Medical Services

Women in third world countries do not take medical services seriously; some have different traditions which believe that herbal medicine will cure them while other believe that hospitals are not meant for them but the delicious. Because of this reason, Nurse practitioner should advocate for women to get specialized services from what they are used o because they will reduce the infections they get in their day to day activities and also, they will have better family planning.

Presentation of Skills

The advanced nurse practitioner job description should present regular skills of how nurses should conduct themselves and how they should handle patients no matter how rude they are. They should teach other how necessary things like first aid should be done to different patients, whether they are from a fire accident or a car crash. This skills should be done regularly to remind everyone how it’s supposed to be done.

Role Model

They should act as role models to junior nurses and midwifery so that they can follow their instructions and be more observant. They should always address every issue with expertise so that other people in their department may follow their lead and in turn offer the best services. They should assist new nurses so that they may become more competent.