I have always appreciated trees as part of nature and intellectually, I was indeed aware of the life giving oxygen they provide daily. After reading this article in the Atlantic however, I now have a much deeper appreciation for trees. It turns out that trees contribute a great deal to our health and well being. As a result of this additional knowledge, I now make every effort to walk through tree-lined paths and when stationary, I position myself in places that allow me to gaze at trees with deeper respect.

The tree-huggers were right. Many of us laughed at their devotion to nature but thanks to them we are all benefiting. To find out more, and you may want to after reading this, you can visit the Tree Huggers of America site.

Apparently the relationship between trees and our health is not a new idea, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine published information about this in early 2013. It was no surprise however, that tree appreciation is much deeper than I thought. Talk of trees was rich long before “green” conversations were the norm. It may surprise you to know that the “country” is not the only place to have or appreciate trees and greenery. Just recently, a street in Bed-Stu Brooklyn NY was declared Brooklyn’s Greenest Street.

There are even what might be called – tree myths. A friend once told me that some trees turn their leaves when it was going to rain and I have never forgotten to look on cloudy days for their forecast. It seemed sometimes that the leaves were turned – but it could have also been the wind. While writing this – I did look for scientific evidence of this and found none but came upon other ways of predicting weather in The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Fall Tree Color

Flaming Red Fall Tree

Clearly fall is not the only time to appreciate the majesty of trees although the colors are quite amazing and Leaf Peepers always appreciated the sights. The truth is that trees and their benefits are a year round thing.

My mother was particularly eager every spring to stand under blooming trees, she said it made her feel the energy of nature. I am more of an intellectual about life and usually encouraged by the facts – and the facts say that trees are indeed a miracle cure for some of what ails us.

Spring Blooms on Tree

Spring Blossoms