Tesla impressed the world when they released the first electric sports car. Now GLM’s Hiroyasu Koma is looking to challenge Tesla’s position from Japan.

The manufacturing startup has managed to secure funding totaling to $6 million USD from Mitsubishi Capital, Globis Capital Partners as well as the Japanese governmental investment arm Japan Finance Corporation. This was made possible after the commencement of the production of the Tommykaira ZZ EV, their first electric sports car which is on par with Tesla’s Roadster with regards to acceleration speed.

While it may seem impossible to for him to start in Japan where most of the Asian car giants are, Koma is confident in GLM’s future as he has seen something similar with his first startup – An outsourcing company for electronics product makers where he saw overseas electronic manufacturers grow as the Japanese makers shrank.

Koma is also on the way to make his global launch by 2015, with Europe, Malaysia and Taiwan as starting regions to launch the cars. However, to make that happen will require a second round of funding.

His success did not come easy as he was not competent in the technical knowledge required, as well as the rigid automotive standards that was applicable to the manufacturing of his product. He spent the past three years developing the prototypes to meet these requirements.

The efforts eventually bore fruit with the receiving of the national certification in 2012 to proceed with the production. This was only made possible with the help of additional financial support from angel investors that came along the way.

The Tommykaira ZZ EV is currently priced at $80,000 USD but if you want it, you will have to wait because he has completely sold out all of the cars that was produced. It will not be long though, as he confirmed the commencement of ZZ EV’s mass production.

Who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to be the next owner of the Tommykaira ZZ EV.