We have come far in the search for technology. From the era of Einstein where nuclear physics was born, till the current era of clean energy. However, there is a disturbing trend coming in.

We have automatic household cleaners which go all around the house making sure it’s clean, and we might have cars that wouldn’t require us to do any driving in the near future.

We have computers that help us do all of the calculations and estimations in finance and engineering.

We even have phones that tell us where to go – GPS, and even navigation programs to make sure that we get to the places in the quickest way possible. These are the little things that claim to raise the efficiency of the things we do in life.

But on a long term scale, will there be detrimental effects?

Medical research claims that people who live a sedentary lifestyle, with an office job, tend to have a shorter lifespan due to their lack of activity.

People whom keep their phone near them when they sleep experience a lower quality of sleep for the fact that they will look into their phones when it vibrates or light flashes occur.

There is also an alarming trend of children getting addicted to smartphones, which resulted in parents in China sending their kids to boot camps by force just to decrease their dependency on smartphones.

Will there be a point of time where brain development will be affected with all the technology that we have?

Will there be a point in time in the future where everything will be done for us but there will be nothing for us to do?

This is something that we will have to worry about, and we will have to act fast.