As you enjoy a pint of beer while watching the World Cup frenzy on the couch in your living room, FIFA has ensured that the matches you’re watching are in control – with the help of some technology.

To prevent what happened to the poor England team last season in South Africa, FIFA has added high speed cameras to ensure that they can capture the images of the ball going into the goalpost. With the help of smartwatches, if a goal is legitimate, a sound will be produced after a second. This will ensure that they are notified on something that they are unable to see due to unknown errors.

However, this technology is not something foolproof in this year’s season. Players disputed a goal which was awarded to France while they competed with Honduras – it was clearly seen that the goalkeeper pulled the ball back beyond the goal line and this case was disputed by the patriotic fans from the Honduras team. This was flouted by FIFA which gave the system a good pat on the back and told the poor fans to accept the facts – This is a new regulation that they have enforced, and the soccer players will have to stick to it.

This is just one out of the four goal-line technology which has been approved for use in games. Two of the technology involves the use of cameras and the other two uses chips embedded in the ball together with the magnetic field sensors which would detect the ball crossing the line. The latter was not selected for the World Cup as any changes to the ball would cause an uproar from the field and beyond to be frustrated with the technology.

Unfortunately for some, the camera surveillance technology was discovered by GoalControl which is based in Würselen, Germany. It’ll probably be the main reason what people will blame on should the Argentineans lose the finals tomorrow.