Teachers Jobs for Primary / Secondary / High Secondary Government Schools Recruitment Vacancies listed in this page. You will generally be required to have the equivalent of three or four years of tertiary training including English Teaching Jobs a teaching qualification recognized by regulatory body in the state or territory you will be working in. You may also need to undergo a criminal record check, and if necessary, an assessment of your English language skills.

When selecting NET, schools will not normally consider learning centre experience due to the differences in class size, continuity of student group, level of classroom management skills and sophistication in teaching pedagogy required between schools and centres.

Teaching overseas for a period of minimum two years can really open a plethora of opportunities both abroad and in the home market also, as it is a clear indicator to potential employers that you have developed excellent cross-cultural communication and adaptation skills and you are cross – culturally sensitive.

While teaching dutifully negotiates with all Teaching Institutions to provide Participants with an initial housing for 12 teaching Experience to 30 days the aforementioned housing fee is paid directly from the Teaching Institution to the initial housing organization.

Specializing in Secondary, primary and special needs education and the south-east, though with extensive knowledge of secondary and consultant positions, Teaching Job specialist knowledge is borne out of recruitment experience that spans many years, as well as knowledge of teachers and teaching that comes from being a parent. For more information, please visit our site http://teaching-experience.com/